IB is Over! Or is it Really? …

Yes, the IB is finally over! These two long years finally ended with my French exam on the 21st of May. It was indeed a great delight to complete all of my exams, especially after my long study period.

I had many mixed feelings initially. First and foremost, the excitement of having no lessons, especially on the ‘free’ week between the 21st and the 28th of May made me relate fully with the below hilarious pictures 😛

But, I soon started to wonder whether the IB was really over. Don’t get me wrong, by no means, I never thought whether I’ve passed my IB exams or not 😛 No, instead, I am referring to the fact that they IB will never end, it will always be a huge, significant and definitely unforgettable part of my life! 🙂 The IB was truly a very tough experience, with a very large load of work at times, but what actually remains with me, is the collection of beautiful, comical and even at times embarrassing memories 😛 For example, I’ll always remember the occasion during which, I almost burnt the lab of my school, because of my Extended Essay experiments. I’ll never forget the jokes, the discussions and the teamwork during ToK. Or the funny chats about the so called “Miserable #IBLife” in the common room 😛 Not to mention CAS and the things I did with friends, such as Feeding the Homeless, the Foodbank, the Bridge Club (which I rejoined :P) and the Table Tennis Club, in which I had so much fun, mostly because I literally couldn’t play Ping Pong at all.

But I believe that all of the above moments are the ones who brought us guys together! It is the fact that we were going through the very same experience, the IB, that made us feel so close to each other. I can and hopefully, always will be able to, remember great moments, with every single of you guys 🙂 Photos like these below, will always remind me of the IB, as a whole, now as a memory that will never end 🙂


P.S. To those that might have read the original version, sorry, but there was apparently an error with my server, so this had to be reposted. It’s why I now made an even better version 😉