Biology trip to Spain!


The Biology field trip was a trip that our school did between the 13th and the 18th of October 2013. The purpose was to learn new things about ecology and to show this knowledge into 2 lab reports.

These days involved a lot of work but they were enjoyable. We climbed a mountain, walked into rivers with our wellies, caught insects, identified plants and most of all had fun in the centre. With loud music and 20 people, having fun was something obvious. What will also be remembered were the discussions in the guys room. Amazing how funny they were 😉 Oh and a notable mention, we visited the Parador hotel, a hotel were the Spanish constitution was signed. We also got the title of the smartest table in the dinner and found some people that were comedians on their rise 🙂

Here is a timeframe (as pictures were called) from my time machine (as cameras were called in the trip):